You will have haters your entire life. Let their jealousy fuel you.


One of the most unfortunate discoveries that most people have during his/her childhood is that there always seems to be someone in your vicinity who doesn’t like you for whatever reason and/or who makes snide and cruel remarks for no reason and/or who tries to sabotage you or harm you directly.

This is impossible to avoid in life and it is an ongoing storyline that should be used in a practical manner.

Hence, our belief regarding haters is that you ought to let their hatred and envy fuel you as opposed to trying to find an environment where there aren’t any haters because it is a virtual impossibility for you to succeed at the latter.

Make sure that you yourself never allow yourself to get bitter and envious of others as it’s not shrewd nor is it healthy for your self-esteem and overall health.

Focus on your goals and your (rare) true friends and family.  (And hope that they don’t turn on you either as you continue to level up in your life.)

This is why discernment is paramount, yet you should aim to maintain discipline and focus regardless of who is aiming to poke at you or harm you.

Lastly, we had a student who was the top student in my high school class.  People would sometimes insult him and demean him just to throw him off his game.  Sometimes it was out loud; sometimes it was more subtle.  While most students were not haters, there’s always going to be a contingent of haters wherever you go in your life.  Regardless, he never said one single solitary word to anyone to defend himself.  He ended up graduating valedictorian of our class and is now a top US neurosurgeon.

Success — which includes happiness, love, peace, and meaning — is the best revenge when it comes to your haters.

Now go forth and succeed wildly!





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