Simple Way To Do Basic Logarithms


“1 to the 3 equals 2.” 

Put this on your index cards for studying.  Or put it in Quizlet.  Or put it in your study notebook.

What this means with regards to logarithms, or logs, is very simple.

We read from left to right, correct?  Let’s aim to think about Math in the same way and move from left to right on your paper.

If you see the word “log” on your paper, meaning it’s a logarithmic expression for you to evaluate, then start with the first number you see, then write that first number down then put the second number you see as the exponent of this number and lastly write an equal sign and write the third number you see.

Here’s how it works in practice:


That’s it.  Make sure you practice these and get really strong at them and you may not need to think of this adage eventually.  Yet this is an excellent adage to keep in mind for these problem types as you work through logarithms in your class/es.




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