Ruminations on Poverty & Education


Having traveled to countries where the median income for even college grads with Master’s Degrees is ~$10/day, it can’t be overstated how important it is for young people — especially those who are in western countries where incomes are dramatically higher and where millions of people immigrate to annually — to forsake a lot of […]

Don’t Worry About Anyone Else


As a student, it’s tempting to think about other students in your class: that one student who never studies and always gets Bs or the other student who seems to ace every class easily and simply.  You also might think about the most popular student who also gets great grades or the one who will […]

How To Memorize Formulas, Rules, And Concepts For School


The ideal strategy is being conscientious as you learn anything new.  You want to think of this new information as a little “folder” with information on it and you’re trying to file it in what is essentially a “filing cabinet” in your brain. For example, let’s say that you’re learning about circles.  Your homework covers […]